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I run mine off the base disc and it runs just fine. Or, just fine for a Sims game, lol. Occasionally I'll witness someone putting a baby or toddler in a crib, and suddenly the baby is on the floor next to the crib, or just recently, a toddler fell asleep and "collapsed" and his head went through a wall. I've also noticed odd things when I place garden features like trees. I'll put them up against the house, and it looks fine from the angle I'm currently viewing, then later I'll go back and change the camera angle, and look at it from the inside of the house and some of the tree's branches are sticking through the wall.

Just minor things like that. But overall I've had no issues running it on my Windows 7 system. I do have one game non-Sims related that I had to put on an auto-save of every fifteen minutes which drives me nuts when everything is running fine because I'll be in the middle of trying to do something and suddenly the game freezes and the auto-save thing pops up and I have to wait until it's done and it's saved me several times when my system ran out of virtual memory this is a VERY graphic intensive game and I didn't catch the warning because I was so involved with what I was trying to do that suddenly the game would just shut down on me.

In those cases, I've either lost nothing at all thanks to the frequent auto-save, or I've lost very minimal amounts of game data and when I say game data, I merely mean what was directly involved in a task or completing a building or something.

Not actual game content so it's easy to go back and redo what I was doing. Thankfully though, I've not had that issue with Sims 2. SataiDelennn As this series is new to me I am not sure what other players who know it well experience things and understand them to be expected or whether its something I am experiencing alone that I need to resolve myself if that makes sense- When you mention the baby is on the floor after putting it in the crib I have not experienced that but I have experienced a jumping bug which is similar and after reading about it on the web know that's something many players have experienced so I know its not unusual.

It sure is a learning curve and it sounds like you have other games you are playing with similar problems- Honestly sometimes I don't know why we persevere but for me I put it down to my perfectionist OCD personality.

Sims 2 : Super Collection FAQ

Chances are and this is solely from my experience, so take it with a grain of salt it's just a Sims "quirk. Personal Computer] games! I mean, I remember looking around to see if my mom was anywhere nearby and then telling the character to go eff itself because I was so frustrated when I'd tell it to walk forward, or do something, and I'd get, "I'm sorry, I don't know how to do that. That's probably why I and so many others keep going back to it.

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If EA wants a hint of what works and what people really want in a game like this, they need to go back to Sims 2 and take a good, long look at the game and try and understand what we all find so appealing about it and go from there. Again, just my opinion. I am not a gamer in the strict sense of the word I actually fell in love with Sims 2 after playing a couple of hours on a friends PC but by the time I had any time to devote to the game sims 3 was out so I skipped 2 and went straight to 3, now I have played 2 for a while I can see why players are constantly referring back to the series.

I doubt EA will ever make anything as in depth as 2 again because I don't think they actually care enough and I tried playing 4 when it came out thinking it was supposed to be like 2 but now I have 2 to play its really nothing like it. Sims quirk or OCD I think there are many of us. Sims 2 was created at the height of the creative gaming era and I'm sure there are people who will disagree with me.

It was at a time when developers had a LOT of creative freedom, and the corporate aspect of a company allowed for that creative freedom because they stayed out of the creative process, understanding that developers and coders are a totally different breed from themselves paper pushers. Nowadays, it's the corporate side I feel which dictates a lot to developers while holding them on a short leash, and so the true creative process is drowned in paper and profits, etc.

Now it's all mobile games and Facebook games, and pay to play games. And that's fine for kids who are growing up now, but those of us who grew up in the 80s and even 90s, well, we know what was vs.

How To: Installing Custom Content and Mods for the Sims 2 Super Collection on a Mac

So yeah, for those who are lucky enough to have the Sims 1, 2, Deluxe, etc. I played Doom on one of my ex-boyfriend's computers, and while I disliked a lot of the violence, I loved the "coolness" of the first-person aspect of the game. I watched the movie, "Pixels," for the first time last month. I am not an Adam Sandler fan, but that movie was really good.

How to get an apartment without Apartment Life!!! cheats for The Sims 2 Deluxe on PC

And there's a line in it that Sandler says which I wholeheartedly agree with. Not just "point and shoot" as fast as you can with no rhyme or reason. And yes, you can let your Sims have complete free will if you want, but you can also control them and figure out the strategy that will work best to help you be successful with your family.

So, maybe that's what draws people in? The fact that there is some strategy to this game and it requires effort. I compare them to the games of old, and I just see a lot of shortcomings in many of the games today. And please understand, I'm not trying to claim that games of yesterday are perfect, they're not.

GameSpot Classic - The Sims 2 Video Review

And my comments regarding the old King's Quest, and my constant frustrations with Sims 2 are proof of that. I simply recognize that there is still more quality in those games than there is in a lot of the games out today. Though PvZ is an exception. That is one funny game!

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I still fire up the wii occasionally and bash the heck out of my boxing opponent when feeling frustrated which is different to killing and there are a few other games unique to wii that are great to play but I have to really feel like it. I also bought an Xbox one when my started to fail and although I bought games I don't enjoy them the same way I do the Sims and these days I have given up pretending otherwise especially after I paid out out for a new PC build just so I could play the game properly - In some ways I think 2 is harder than 3 but maybe that's because the way to play 3 was firmly attached to my way of thinking and it has taken me ages to rearrange that thinking to accommodate the way 2 works..

I love modern so before even playing 2 I was downloading CC and hair, added a few mods and have changed and swapped things around as I have gone along however I am a terrible builder and its quite hard finding very modern style builds for 2. If you saw my Sims 3 worlds they have to be perfect before I will even begin to play in them and that is only achievable thanks to many sims players personal creativity who share their talents with the rest of the community for which I am forever grateful and often think they should be the ones working for EA they are so talented.


Same for the modder community as without their many talents many would find their games unplayable not to mention all the extra game-play their mods can add to the game itself. Nothing is ever perfect just nostalgic when remembered years later lol however when you mention mobile games that is what Sims 4 reminds me of every-time I have tried to play it yet when I go into 2 something unexpected is always happening which is nothing to do with my game play style at all- For example I made a new punk style sim that I decided was going to become my first Vampire, live downtown and be a bit mean so what happens totally out of my control is Nina caliente turns up with a few others to welcome him to the neighborhood and he instantly falls for her swooning and following her around like a puppy totally smitten and they woohoo a few short minutes into the visit in the spa right in-front of a very annoyed Don Lothario..

First, the user chooses which virtual neighbourhood their session will take place in; here, they will be able to follow the life of a Sim from birth to eventual death. The player's job is to guide these lives by building relationships and careers for the Sims. As well as enhanced graphics and full 3D, The Sims 2 introduces radical new concepts into its gameplay. The whole process of Sims being born and ageing is a new addition to the series, as is the presence of personal aspirations for each individual Sim. Other elements, such as Sims altering their body sizes through exercise and dieting, are also new.

The create-a-Sim feature allows the user to fine-tune the elements of a Sim's appearance through a simple set of menus. This feature is more sophisticated than its counterpart in the original game, where users had to choose from complete faces: this time, it is possible to build a face and the rest of the body from smaller details.

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These games introduced new additions such as storylines for individual Sims and an emotion function. By comparison, The Sims 2 is simpler, but some players may prefer its more straightforward approach. While all of these elements are portrayed in a light-hearted manner, they may still be unsuitable for younger players. Is the sims 2 apartment life availbale for mac users?

More questions. Sims 2 apartment life? Where can i find sims 2 apartment life for MAC? Are there any playable dnd apps specifically for android or pc? Could anyone tell me the name of this app which is similar to Choices and Episodes but has a more manga style? Which is the best game that you had played so far? Would you describe this person as a total loser?