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Many do-it-yourself types using Thunderbolt 3, ExpressCard, or mPCIe end up with a plug-and-play experience requiring little to no modification—though it takes some research first. For resource-intensive activities like gaming, a speedy connection between your laptop and an external graphics card provides a big boost for performance. Earlier attempts at external graphics card docks existed, but they were usually overpriced and relied on proprietary connection technologies. Thunderbolt 3 levels the playing field, and several companies now offer TB3-based graphics card docks, complete with dedicated power supplies, additional ports, and—of course—room to slot desktop graphics cards.

All is not perfect in the world of Thunderbolt 3-powered graphics, however. Membri Visitatori attuali Nuovi stati in bacheca Ricerca degli stati della bacheca. Cerca In tutto il sito Discussioni In questo forum In questa discussione. Cerca solo i titoli. Cerca Ricerca avanzata In tutto il sito Discussioni In questo forum In questa discussione. Cerca Avanzata Nuovi messaggi. Cerca nel forum. Autore discussione Stefano Novelli Data d'inizio 16 Agosto Per una migliore esperienza si prega di attivare JavaScript sul suo browser.

Forum Tech Mondo Apple Hackintosh. Vai alla pagina. When connected to a wireless network, this dropped to minutes to reflect the chipsets further power drain. The Apple MacBook Air is a fantastic looking laptop and a joy to use, but there are simply too many sacrifices. Of course it's not going to be the laptop to suit everyone - you can buy cheaper or more capable Macs and PCs - so it's not a must have for the price-conscious buyer or the power-hungry.

It's pricey, but with the exception of the tiny, basic Eee, the Air's no more expensive than other slim'n'light laptops.

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If form-factor is your prime concern, then the Air provides a good computing experience, and if our time with it is anything to go by, its port and optical disc limitations proved no handicap at all. Again, if you think they're going to be, there are plenty of other laptops out there that'll meet your needs instead.

Of course, if you want to run Mac OS X on a thin'n'light machine, this is really your only option. But the exclusion of an optical disc drive, limitations of Remote Disc, and lack of a user-replaceable battery, are shortcomings that will be difficult to ignore for most notebook users. We also find the Air more suited as a secondary device to a desktop machine because it depends so much on having another computer through which to install new applications. Despite that, we feel it represents a step in the right direction towards making notebooks more portable.

It has decent performance for an ultraportable, but few standout features to speak of beyond the superficial. And yet, I still can't help wanting to stop and touch it. It has undeniable appeal, and even us lifelong PC users were not only impressed with its performance and usability but felt drawn to it like we are to our iPhone. Its a bit lacking in features and performance and for version 2 of Air does that sound weird? A faster hard drive would be nice too but I'm sure that SSDs will decease in price. Also, CPU speeds keep going up so that wont be an issue.

Yes, I might be asking too much but I am a demanding user. And from that prespective, the Air is not for everyone- especially as their primary computer. I feel that its a steup-up from MacBook so if thats what you're eyeing at or want to upgrade from a PowerPC based notebook, then you'll be more than happy with Air.

However, if you're a Mac Pro or MacBook Pro type of person, you'll still fall in love at first sight but probably get over the honeymoon within two weeks time and start craving for more. Either you will love it or you will hate it. Design wise it is a beatuiful system that is extremely small and light. The problem is that it lacks a number of standard laptop features that it is very hard to really recommend it to anyone as their sole system.

It is really best used as a business travel system in conjunction with another primary PC. You have to admire Apple's enthusiasm and the MacBook Air is a great design statement but as a practical machine it simply doesn't match anything released by Sony. If you like style over content then you'll be happy, but we feel there are simply too many sacrifices in the MacBook Air to make it a compelling purchase. Sony does win on weight as its Vaio TZ weighs just 1.

However, the Macbook Air has a bigger screen — The ultra-portable design is impressive, but comes at a cost in terms of limited performance and connectivity. On one hand they offer a super thin, lightweight design, but on the other they take away ports and give you a permanent battery.

This notebook also suffers from some early release driver quirks, but those should hopefully be resolved in the near future. Overall I think this is a promising notebook that should force some other manufacturers to wake up and design some lighter and slimmer full-size notebooks. Road warriors who demand long battery life or a better selection of ports should pass, but this work of art is worth considering for corridor warriors who attend lots of meetings, as well as for commuters who do a fair amount of work while traveling to and from the office.

You get an easy-to-use, secure, and fun operating system wrapped in the sexiest, thinnest package money can buy. The answer seems to be no. I experienced only moderate gains in battery life and not very noticeable speed differences. The one major benefit of the SSD model is that it doesn't cause the same types of slowdowns as the HDD model during times of high disk activity, and that's certainly a huge plus. Speedy read times are great, too, but they are balanced out by pokey write times. Still, even if it's more usable, it's hard to justify the huge price difference for the SSD model.

For anyone else looking to buy an Air, the HDD model appears to provide the most bang for the buck. Judged merely on the cold technological specifications, the MacBook Air can't measure up to Apple's other laptops. For those to whom the tech specs matter above all else, the MacBook Air can't be seen as much more than an overpriced, underpowered toy. But there will be those who, small drive and slow processor be damned, will adopt the MacBook Air as their primary laptop - simply because they want that laptop to be as small as possible.

For those who factor size, weight, and — yes, we'll admit it — style into the equation, the MacBook Air begins to make more sense.


While the Apple MacBook Air is an impressive design with some innovative features, the number of sacrifices that had to be made in order to create this ultra-thin notebook severely limits this laptop. The lack of ports, low-capacity slow hard drive, and slow overall performance make the MacBook Air the weakest performing MacBook we've seen in the last few years. Mimicking the inch silhouette of the current MacBook line, it's only 0. The design is revolutionary, but Apple's MacBook Air will appeal to a smaller, more specialized audience than the standard MacBook, thanks to a stripped-down set of connections and features.

After getting some hands-on time with the MacBook Air at Macworld Expo, we've got some first impressions. At the risk of sounding obvious, the MacBook Air is incredibly light and tiny. Initial impressions of the MacBook Air are almost overwhelmingly positive. It's incredibly light and tiny, and has all the features we've come to expect from the MacBook line.

But there's no optical drive and the hard drive isn't the biggest. For those who pre-ordered already and were sold as soon as Jobs whipped out the manila folder, the MacBook Air is hands down the thinnest and prettiest laptop in the market. The MacBook Air is officially the thinnest laptop, and the lightest of those with a inch screen.

But there were compromises that had to be made. Up close and personal it's very impressive and makes our 6-month old MacBook Pro look like someone from Fat Camp.

Manuale di FreeBSD

So why aren't we getting all excited about it as much as we should? Well for us it comes down to that non-replaceable battery. What's the point of having a portable device if you have to be within 5 hours of a power supply. Granted 5 hours is a long time and Apple suggest that if you opt for the SSD option you'll get even longer, but the inability to be able to replace the battery on the fly is a deal breaker for us.

It might be fine when you first get it out of the box, but what happens in 2 years time when you've got to take it back to Apple because the battery is giving you below par performance?

External Graphics Card (eGPU)

Ist weniger mehr? All you need is the Air? Inoltre Apple, conscia del passare del tempo, ha provveduto ad aggiornare la dotazione del portatile. At least, that's what Apple seems to think, judging by the new MacBook Air. It's so thin you could use it to shave.

Apple Mac Mini desktop intel® Dual-Core i5 2.6GHz Late 2014 (Ricondizionato)

In fact, the inch version is the most portable laptop we've ever encountered, even taking netbooks into account. The inch Apple MacBook Air is remarkably thin and really enjoyable to use. It is, in a word, spectacular. The laptop is thinner and lighter than any netbook on the market but provides superior performance. Compared to other ultraportables, it does sacrifice performance, storage and running time to provide its ultrathin profile. While we wouldn't recommend the Air to enthusiasts, it can do a perfectly good job with home movies.

It is gorgeous to look at, has an excellent build quality and is extremely portable, along with being extremely snappy. Had the keyboard featured a backlight, I would have ordered it on the day it was launched but even without that, I am still very tempted to get it as my primary machine. A perfect carry-anywhere notebook? Elsewhere, we have to give due credit. If you need more power than the MacBook Air in an All that competition though and the MacBook Air still reigns as the most drool worthy and well constructed of all these in the inch laptop category.

The aluminum unicast body is extremely solid feeling and the feather light weight just amazing. The screen on the MacBook Air 11 also stands out against any of the competition. In conclusion, I do recommend the MacBook Air Apple claims that the MacBook Air's battery life is five hours; it lasted 4 hours and 27 minutes in our battery rundown test, where we looped an XviD file in full screen mode.

Macbook Air Especially when you consider you can get a MacBook with a hour battery, more storage and a 2.