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If you have a PowerBook, you have the option of showing a different display on the projector and on your laptop. You can display your Keynote or Powerpoint presentation on the projector, while viewing speaker notes and other controls on the laptop display.

To set up a secondary display on your Powerbook, first choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, and then click Displays. Click on the Arrangement tab and make sure Mirror Displays is not selected If there is no Arrangement tab, then your computer detects only one display. Check the cables to make sure there is a good connection between the computer and the projector.

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In case you're curious, "The Ribbon is part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface [and] is designed to help you quickly find the commands that you need to complete a task. Commands are organized in logical groups. Count on Microsoft to " Make it easier " Ya right! Thanks for the tip Rob, luckily most of my Mac clients use Keynote, haven't had the pleasure of Office Well, one side-effect of forcing Presenter View even when the computer is Mirrored or Cloned in PC-speak will be that more and more presenters will insist on having their presenter notes visible on confidence monitors, etc.

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Goodbye laptop playback. We've had good success loading a Mac Mini with dual-boot capabilities and using it's dual outputs to send both presenter view and presentation view out simultaneously using Powerpoint Windows, Powerpoint Mac and Keynote. Rob discovered this on a show just minutes before a presenter shows up who actually had not ever used Office So I am having the problem of the switched screens, but it only happens when I am hooked up to my projector. When I disconnect, I can see my presenter view just fine, but as soon as I connect to the projector, it switches.

I do not know how to access this mysterious "ribbon". How do I get to this sub-menu underneath the usual Mac menu bar? Any advice? Hello Rob, Donald Smith from Scotland here. I am trialing the Mac version of office and have come across the same problem with PowerPoint. I have found the two menus as you say, but no method to switch on mirroring on either. The Microsoft help system explains something that is physically 'not there' in the menu structure. How did you manage to resolve the issue in the end. I just want to show 2 full screen presentations on two screens.

Regards Donald Smith. I'm not sure. On my screen, selecting 'Slide Show' on the ribbon menu gives me a set of icons on the right, like this: ? Perhaps the option doesn't show unless the 2nd screen is attached? The default is presenter view, and selecting 'Mirror Show' will switch the computer into the mode you want when you play the slide show.

The mirror icon does not appear anywhere except in the help.

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The screen is so small he needed to mirror but was not able to. The second screen was attached had to restart since detect displays didn't work. I feel like Microsoft is laughing at me. Another substandard software release to drive everyone crazy. You saved me from nerve crisis!! I hate this new "ribbon" interface MS adopted for its Office Sw, and the stupid thing is that I couldn't find the icons on the right because of the reduced resolution of my macbook plugged into the external projector!

All, Found the solution to this while working an event last night.

Keynote for Mac: Play a presentation on a separate display

On the MAC version of Office 2k11 Make sure you resolution is something widescreen or stretched x , only when this resolution is up select slide show in the ribbon the line of "short cuts" between the design area and the file menus at the top. Click Mirror displays and it will stay persistent after reboots, different files, etc. Yeah, Matt you're right.

If you are running Powerpoint:Mac in a less than fullscreen environment, there are likely hidden ribbon options off to the right. Of course, there are no visual indications that you're missing anything, so you could be banging your head against the keyboard for a while.

Presenter mode using PowerPoint for Windows and macOS

Don't worry: this behaviour is consistent across Excel and Word, so if you're wondering why you can drop down the box border selector in Excel, it's because MS has efficiently streamlined your workflow. Even more tricky? The icons and items pop on and off quite dynamically in Excel and Word, so you don't just lose the right-most icons, but whichever icons the UI staff at MS felt were least important to them.

My only advice? Click the 'maximize' button whenever you feel frustrated. Just don't ask me to explain why the box border selector is in the 'Font' sub-ribbon of the Home ribbon. Thank heavens for Guru's who show the way when Microsoft obfuscates the most important things The presenter screen appears on the TV and the PwrPnt presentation itself appears on the computer. Shouldn't it be the other way around? I've fiddled with both slide show menus and tried every I can think of to reverse the screens. The swap display button is on the TV and the cursor in on the computer screen.

How can I get to see the presenter screen on my computer and have the presentation on the TV? Is there a shortcut key combo for swap display?


If you are mirrored, turn off mirroring first, or you it won't show you 2 screens in the 'Set up show Alternately, while you are in the presentation mode, move your mouse pointer to the extreme right of the laptop screen, and it should 'appear' on the left side of the TV screen wiggle it around a bit in case it gets stuck in a corner.