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As it will take a little big long to complete the update, you have to be patient enough to wait for it. The ability to customize settings on a Mac is truly fascinating. You can personalize the settings on your Mac to fit your specific needs, which can be a huge asset. However, if you customize too many settings, you might find yourself asking: When you customize too many settings, it can take up too much memory on your Mac, which can be the reason why your Mac is running slow. If your Mac is running slow, you may think that a software update can fix the problem. After software is finished upgrading, your Mac might be slow initially but after a while, it should be faster than before.

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As you can see, there are several potential culprits behind your slow Mac. However, the good news is that all of the solutions are fairly easy. No matter the reason for your Mac running slowly, there is always a solution. Jan 05, Melvin Cooper, working in the technology industry for more than ten years, is expert at providing tips and handy solutions to all kinds of iOS or Mac OS issues. While maintaining an impressive record of issue fixing, he keeps dedicating himself to helping millions of users to improve their experience with Apple devices.

Mac Running Slow? Here is How to Speed It Up! Viber for Mac Not Working? Here is How to Fix! Reason 1. Read More , while others can lead to more malicious ransomware attacks that demand payment. There's a chance malware is causing problems. Here's how to scan for and remove Mac malware.

Read More. Failure to maintain a cushion of free space is one of the most common causes of slowdown. It can result in long pauses, sudden freezes, and even boot problems. Your computer needs free space to create log files, caches, and temporary files as part of its normal operation.

Mac Running Slow? Here is How to Speed It Up!

The latter option will allow you to move your device backups and core libraries elsewhere , saving potentially hundreds of gigabytes of space. It's time to fight back and free up some serious space. Read More to save space like removing duplicate data. This is due to temporary files created by macOS and third-party applications, which are routinely cleared out and deleted on startup.

The simplest solution here is to restart your machine more often. Here are several places to find and clear temporary files to regain storage space on macOS. Read More which will create more free space than simply letting macOS handle the process on its own. Did you know each icon on your desktop is a small window, and macOS needs to render each one separately? Considering this is the default dumping ground for screenshots, a cluttered desktop can really tax your system.

That frees up resources for use elsewhere. Here's how to clean up your Mac desktop for a better work environment. Your computer has a limited amount of system resources.

Top 6 Reasons for Slow Mac and How to Solve

As usual, that's where we come in. Find a process and kill it by clicking the X button. Select an application and click on the minus symbol to remove it from the list. To get rid of all junk files, click the Start Cleaning button. If you prefer to manually select which file types to remove, use the menus on the left side of the program window. With the Uninstaller , you can completely remove apps and their remnant files. You can then choose which apps to delete and click Remove. To make your computer run faster, clean its RAM of unused data — go to the Memory cleanup tab and click Clean.

Automatic checkups will always be there to prevent your Mac from getting filled up with junk again.

1. Using an Antivirus

A comprehensive, streamlined video editing program that has everything you need to create amazing home movies with custom soundtracks, special effects, cool titles, and transitions. What do you do if your Mac is running slow?

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Speed it up with Movavi Mac Cleaner! Securely remove junk files Free up hard drive space Optimize performance Download the program and follow the instructions below. Download for Free. Remove unnecessary files To clean the hard drive manually, find and delete unneeded applications, videos, photos, and music files, as well as installer files with the. Outdated Operating System Old software can cause all sorts of problems: Update the operating system Updating your OS is easier than it sounds.

Remove unnecessary login items Fortunately, you can remove apps from the startup list. Stop resource-hungry processes Activity Monitor is a handy built-in tool that will help you find out which programs are using the most system resources. Lots of Cache and Log Files Caches and logs are temporary system files that make your system and apps run smoothly. Delete old temporary files Regularly deleting old caches and logs helps your Mac run faster.

Upgrade your RAM Installing more RAM modules in your computer is a very effective way of improving performance, but it may cost you a pretty penny. Check the Condition of Your Mac When you launch Mac Cleaner, the program automatically starts searching for junk on your computer. Delete Unneeded Applications With the Uninstaller , you can completely remove apps and their remnant files. Movavi Mac Cleaner The best cleanup tool for every Mac user! Have Questions?