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  1. 8 MacOS Like Docks for Ubuntu
  2. 8 MacOS Like Docks for Ubuntu
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It features multi-docks, taskbar, launchers and a lot of useful applets. Applets can be detached from the dock to act as desktop widgets. Numerous ready-to-use themes are downloadable in 1 click, and can be easily customized at your convenience. It can use hardware acceleration to be very fast and low on CPU. Some screenshots are available: It provides the Cairo-Dock core, a set of standard plugins and the files necessary to integrate Cairo-Dock with your desktop environment. Linux Mint Blog Forums. They offer different flash templates with latest features.

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Username Password Remember me Forgot password Register. Back cairo-dock Light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs metapackage http: Score Comment julian1 6 months ago 1 It does not work with 4k monitors. On uninstall it leaves behind tons of plug-ins which must be uninstalled one-by-one.

Do not believe any of the negative comments. This dock is so much better than any of the others. I use the Alu theme and configure it so it has a Macintosh look and feel. Like the look of the Mac, hate the macOS software. Cairo Dock takes a little time to understand, but once you get it, configuration is easy.

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My recommendation is to have an idea of what you want before you install. Then choose a theme that best matches your idea and configure from there. The best part is, you can use any PNG image file for an icon. Just keep it to nothing more than x and you'll do fine. Yes, there are tons of options if compared to the other, but those options change nothing! Even the ones downloaded from their own website!

No, it doesn't work. All you need to break it is click on it, type something so it will search and position itself off and remain that way until you either kill it or log in again. In other words, it's too damn easy to break this dock application, it's ridiculous. Not to mention the notification are is treated like a separate dock and that is not even configurable. Cairo-dock tries to impress you with its little tricks, but in the end you might notice it's just a bugfest masked as a dock application.

8 MacOS Like Docks for Ubuntu

Yet a bit too complicated in configuring with mouse. Also I might br wrong, but I wasn't able to set up launcher icon to be an app icon when certain app is running. When I use launche to run an app anoher icon appers in dock. Wish it was more macos-like: Mutlaka herkese tavsiye ederim.

Why Install a Dock?

Rygardo 3 years ago 5 Lo mejor de lo mejor. Mil puntos para Cairo Dock. Very customizable and very pretty. Can look just like Mac OS dock. SilverGames 3 years ago 5 After enabling this, moving my panel to the top of the screen and removing Window List from the panel, this works very nicely and switching between apps is very easy.

Thanks Juan-Guillermo 3 years ago 5 Me gusta. DrizzttoUrden 4 years ago 5 Sehr Geil. Now this is a pro-looking dock! Tums up: Despite a few minor problems with slowness and the inability to configure window minimization to be exactly like Mac OS X, it is still excellent overall. Qruqs 5 years ago 1 Apparently uses "zeitgeist". I don't like spyware, so not for me. The installer suggests it will be re-installed.

DestinTheGreat 5 years ago 5 Bravissimo izzy-noob 5 years ago 4 fun!

8 MacOS Like Docks for Ubuntu

ToraBora 5 years ago 5 Gun gectikce dahada baglandigim aman cokmesin diye ayarlarina bile dokunamadigim, Dock cok islevli, tavsiye ederim. JohnOShock 5 years ago 4 it works and adds a little fun to your desktop Mundi 5 years ago 5 Best Dock ever linuxease 5 years ago 5 Love it! More features than Docky. Ironclad 6 years ago 5 Best dock I've ever used. Manny 6 years ago 5 Best dock out there. Looks like Rocket dock and I use it on Vista. I love the curved Flyout Menu most.

Perfect - doesnt keep disappearing unlike some other docks. Lee-Larsson 6 years ago 2 Tried a few times.. NO Like.. Bristok 6 years ago 5 Really love it! Hope to see more improvements and addons soon. Love using it.


Koljan 6 years ago 5 Great bar, really like but in my opinion is the lack off when the computer instead of the panel appears black rectangle, not long but not very well windyweather 6 years ago 3 Can't remove and re-add a launcher. Remove Tbird, can't add it back. No way to add items from menus. Difficult to remove dock parts of application. Became instantly redundant with Gnome 3. Especially when I want to impress W-people with linux.

Change shape and function: give Mint an Apple-style makeover

But I love the MintMenu. AxXxXo 6 years ago 5 Sorry this is the best dock tool i ever say and used!! I was on rocket and that paid version but tihs is goldden! Tomptez 6 years ago 5 just the best. Love it Anilcanballi 6 years ago 5 great!!! With the different themes and the possibility to adapt it to your needs. For Mac-Users a welcome suit. Configurable in many aspects, but not where I need it. Takes too much time to figure out a decent layout, templates are ugly, too.

Have to stick with Docky. Even awn is more tolerable than cairo. LeanderPL 7 years ago 2 Good but not necessary, panels in Mint makes the same, faster, easier This dock improves the user experience. Wants to show your desktop to your friends? Its really the best. I was able to configure it to look almost exactly like the Mac OS X dock.