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Just to note, this only happens when I execute code. Running code. I just did not and yes, it works with that option enabled. Is this the accepted fix or is this considered a work around for now? Ignore Learn more. Watch 2. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue.

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Jump to bottom. Labels electron help wanted keybindings mac needs more info upstream. Copy link Quote reply. VSCode Version: 1. Attempt to paste the copied selection by either using the paste keyboard shortcut or select the paste command from the edit menu. This comment has been minimized.

Sign in to view. Which keyboard layout are you using? I am using the default keyboard layout. I have not made any changes. Is the physical keyboard U. Yes it is. The same problem in 1. It is not woking after restarting the app. I resolved it by rebooting my whole machine. A big hammer, to be sure, but fortunately the problem hasn't reproduced since. Paste doesn't work Not sure how to reproduce it.

Copy keyboard shortcut has randomly no effect Here is an interesting comment from a different issue - comment This was indeed an OSX issue for me. The following worked: launchctl stop com. Same issue right now! MacOS Updated to MacOS VS Code version 1.

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  • I am using VSCode 1. This line is required since updating to Sierra High.

    How to copy and paste text | Digital Unite

    Vvkmnn referenced this issue Oct 30, Cut and paste Unable to Copy and Paste Yes that seems to be the fix. Sounds good.

    Bonus tip: There's another little-known way to perform a right click on a Mac without a physical mouse. Simply highlight the text or file you want to copy, then press and hold the Control key. While holding the Control key , click on the highlighted text or file. The contextual menu will show up the same way it would in response to a real right-click on a mouse. If for some reasons you cannot copy-paste on Mac using keyboard shortcuts or a mouse, there's one more way to accomplish your copying and pasting goals.

    Select the text or file you want to copy. To select a part of the text, click and drag your cursor to highlight what you need to copy.

    The Mouse Method

    In the drop-down menu, find and click Copy. Amazing job!

    You've just copied and pasted on Mac without even using keyboard shortcuts or a mouse. Bonus tip: When you copy and paste text between different apps or files, you might notice that the pasted information looks funny. Different formatting and style are to blame, but there's a way to fix it.

    Instead of clicking the regular paste option in the Edit menu, click Paste and Match Style. This way the copied text will mimic the style of the file or app you're pasting it to. What is your favorite way to copy-paste on Mac? Do you prefer keyboard shortcuts, a mouse, or maybe the menus option? We use cookies along with other tools to give you the best possible experience while on this website. Help us improve how you interact with our website by accepting the use of cookies.

    How to copy and paste on Mac

    You can change your privacy settings whenever you like. How to copy and paste on Mac using the keyboard How to copy and paste on Mac using a mouse How to copy and paste on Mac using menus How to Copy and Paste on Mac with a Keyboard One of the easiest and most common ways to copy and paste on Mac uses a keyboard. So how do you copy and paste using the keyboard on Mac? How to Copy and Paste on Mac With a Mouse The second way to copy and paste on Mac requires a mouse or knowledge on how to use a Apple touchpad for mouse functions. Select the item you want to copy-paste.

    Find and click Paste Item. Click or tap on your touchpad with two fingers to perform a right-click of the mouse. From the contextual menu, find and click the Copy option. Open the window where you need the copied file to be pasted. Click or tap on the touchpad with two fingers again.